Congratulations to the Winners of Members Show 2023

Lincoln Turner 1st Place Photography

“The Chair by the Window”

Heather Scofield 1st Place

“Connecticut College Aboretum”

Sterette-Gittings Kelsey 1st Place Sculpture

“Young Dancer”

Amanda Jacobs Wolf 1st Place Work on Paper


Lulu Roche 2nd Place Photography


Susan Edelstein 2nd Place Painting

“Complements of Bantam”

Susan Lerner 2nd Place Sculpture

“Blowing in the Wind”

Susan Rood 2nd Place Work on Paper

“Truth & Lies”

Dorothy Calio 3rd Place Painting


Tanya Kukucka 3rd Place Sculpture

“Diana the Huntress”

Bruce Panock

Honorable Mention Photograpy

“Blue Tree”

Roberta Shea

Honorable Mention Painting

“Fall Reverie”

Eva St John

Honorable Mention Sculpture


Theresa Bates

Honorable Mention

Work on Paper

“The Unstruck Sound”

Members Show 2023

“Untitled” by Ruth Miller Forge


Maurine Sutter 3rd Place Photography


Gregory Keith 3rd Place Paper



Faculty Show 2023


Earth & Sky